Lucy Richards Eventing

I am proud to introduce you to 17 year old Lucy Richards and her two horses, KEC Joel (Joe) and Wicklow In To Orbit (Obie).


Lucy is a member of the Team GBR Junior Development Squad and recently also been selected to represent Great Britain in the European Junior Development Squad too. 


Lucy has owned Joe for five years. Together, they have evented up to FEI 2* both in the UK and abroad. Unfortunately, due to injury, Joe has recently taken a break from competing, however I shall be working with Lucy and Joe's vet to bring him back to full fitness with the aim to stepping up to Intermediate and 3* for the 2021 season.  I very much look forward to supporting Lucy and helping her reach her goals with Joe and it will be inspiring to watch the pair make their comeback together this year.


Seven year old Obie is the newest addition to Team Richards and has been Lucy's main ride since spring/summer 2019 and the pair are taking the British Eventing world by storm.  In the time that Lucy has had Obie she has worked him up the levels and it is her aim to get him to the Europeans and beyond.  As Lucy and Obie have been selected for the Euorpean Junior Development Squad, I shall be working closely with the FEI approved vet physio's ensuring that Obie is in top condition, I am very much looking forward to this as I expect it will be very educational for me and hope to bring what I learn from the vet physios in to practice with my clients. 

To follow Lucy's latest results, please see British Eventing

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