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Equine Anatomy Factsheets

Horses truly are remarkable animals.  Everything we do with them is completely unnatural to them.  Any working horse, whether that be a child's pony to the serious competition horse is an athlete.


As responsible equestrians, it is our duty to ensure that the horse receives the correct level of care to promote the longevity of the horse's career.  

One of the many benefits of equine massage includes the prevention of injury.  Muscles are connected directly to the skeleton (along with tendons and ligaments) and allow the skeleton to move.  If muscle injury was to occur, the skeletal system will be compromised, leading to an alteration to the horse's biomechanics leading to an abnormal gait and therefore a loss in performance.

I have created several fact sheets regarding different muscle groups and how they can be affected.  I will be adding more to these in the future, please get in touch if there were any particular muscles you'd like me to write a fact sheet on!

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