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Equine Rehabilitation

Up until recently, it was always believed that following injury or surgery that total box rest for weeks on end was the best course of action.  

Studies have found that for most horses, that is not the case and exercise rehabilitation should begin much earlier on than previously thought.

Controlled exercise therapy should be applied to almost all rehabilitation programmes.  Correct, controlled mobilisation techniques post injury will produce a much better healing of the tissues than a horse simply put on to box rest for a number of weeks.  With a good rehabilitation programme, the aim is not only to ensure the horse makes full recovery from the injury, but also to prevent, or at least reduce, the chances of re-injury in the future.

A good, successful rehabilitation programme needs to be specifically tailored by a qualified individual for each horse. Factors such as type, severity and location of injury, the horse's age, conformation and previous history need to be taken in to account along with a good understanding of how healing occurs.

The process of tissue healing is rather intricate.  The process is complex and must be managed correctly.  If a rehabilitation programme is not followed, has been rushed or is incorrect, full recovery is more susceptible to failure and the chance of re-injury at a later date highly likely.

Before any rehabilitation programmed can be designed, a complete and accurate diagnosis must be made by a vet - incorrect diagnosis can lead to an incorrect programme being made and followed which could result with the inability to resume full athletic function as well as increasing the chance of re-injury.

A rehabilitation programme should be designed to compliment the natural healing process by reducing force and strain on the injured tissue while the tissue healing process takes place.  This will prevent the excessive formulation of debilitating scar tissue which has less elasticity than healthy tissue.

Having completed and passed all my assessments for my level 6 Advanced Diploma in Equine Rehabilitation (for which I am awaiting my final results for my case studies) I am able to offer the full package of physical therapy and rehabilitative exercise planning for horses to ensure that they have the best chance of recovery post injury/surgery.  This is an ideal, just as effective and affordable alternative to rehabilitation livery at an expensive facility and for those who do not have transport.

I am able to prescribe a successful rehabilitation plan for all spinal, pelvic and limb conditions both in person and remotely over Zoom and email, meaning I can either provide physical therapy to your horse as well, or work with your regular physical therapist or vet from anywhere in the world giving your horse the best possible care and best possible outcome.


As each situation is unique, please contact me directly for further information.

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