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Why is it Important to Improve Joint Range of Motion?

Well, joint range of motion plays an important role in the production and distribution of synovial fluid. Movement within a joint facilitates the synovial membrane’s secretion of synovial fluid, which nourishes and lubricates the joint surfaces. Improved range of motion promotes this fluid circulation, contributing to joint health by reducing friction and supporting smoother, more comfortable movement.


Enhancing joint range of motion is crucial for promoting flexibility, preventing stiffness, and supporting overall joint health. It aids in better movement, reduces the risk of injuries and enhances functional abilities in daily activities and physical performance.


My six week Equine Prehabilitation course will aim to improve your horse’s joint range of motion. 


Radiograph of my own horse’s forelimb from nearly four years ago. Once he’d received correct veterinary treatment I was able to rehab him myself and he is now still moving much better and is physically stronger than he was prior to presenting lame.

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